Our Henna Recipe

You can find countless recipes online for henna paste. Some people make it with tea, lemon juice, water, or even coffee. Experiment with the various liquids and see what works best for you. We find that keeping our recipe simple works best for us. Our luscious, handcrafted henna paste has these four simple ingredients:

100g henna powder (body art quality)
45-50g organic cane sugar
30mL essential oils* (eucalyptus, cajeput, and/or lavender)
distilled water to desired consistency

Start by mixing the henna powder, sugar and essential oils. Slowly add water to get a thick consistency. Cover well with clear wrap, and keep in a warm spot for 6-8 hours. After that time has passed, use a whisk to mix well, and add more water if needed.

Henna is perishable. If it is not going to be used that same day, it can be stored in the freezer for about 6-8 months. To thaw, leave it out at room temperature. Use within 1-2 days at room temperature, and refreeze. Try not to take out and refreeze a henna batch or cone more than 3 times. We discourage storing it in the fridge, as it just gets runny and ruins the consistency of the paste.

In very rare instances, skin irritation may occur from the use of essential oils. Since lavender is very mild, we use it on clients with higher sensitivity such as children and pregnant women.

Please consult your doctor or medical care provider if you have any concerns.

Henna Application and Aftercare

Before applying henna on the body, it is recommended to clean the area with a gentle exfoliating cleanser to remove oils and dead skin cells. Pat dry. After henna is applied to the skin, it usually takes about 30 minutes to dry.

Leave the henna paste on for a minimum of 3 hours, (actually 5+hours is best) for the darkest possible stain. To protect the design, you may wrap the area using medical tape or Saniderm (used for tattoos).

For paste removal: flake or brush the paste off gently. You may use coconut oil or olive oil to lightly soak the paste; then wipe with a paper towel. Try to avoid water for 24 hours after paste removal. Before showering, use olive oil, coconut oil, balm or body butter to protect the henna stain. And of course avoid abrasive scrubbing and harsh soaps so that the stain may last longer.

When henna paste is first removed, the stain is a light, bright orange. Don't freak out or panic. The stain darkens as it develops and matures into a deep burgundy-brownish color over 24-48 hours after paste removal.